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Being Restorative

What if you could learn a way of working that will enable you to become a master communicator and understand people in minutes rather than months, improve a relationship to advance your career or avoid potential conflict and maintain a relationship you already have?

Restorative Practice is a ‘way of being’ where the focus is on building strong, meaningful, trusting and respectful ‘relationships’, and repairing relationships when difficulties or harm arises.

Strong meaningful relationships are formed when we work alongside people. We know that people are happier, more cooperative, productive, and more likely to make positive changes to their behaviour when we do things WITH them rather than To them or For them. Working WITH people means providing High Support and High Challenge.

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The 5 Underpinning principles are:

Why its so effective?

  1. Emphasizes the Importance of Relationship.

  2. Involve and Engage Everyone which builds community

  3. Focus on Harm Done, Rather Than Rule/Law Broken.

  4. Collaborative Problem Solving.

  5. Encourage Responsibility & Accountability.

  6. Gives Voice To All.

“On practical level Restorative approaches embrace the day-to-day skills involved in pre-empting conflicts and harm by pro-actively building community cohesion and social capital as well as reacting and responding when things go wrong.”

Upskill and Restorative Practice

Upskill U have embedded restorative practice throughout our entire organisation, across all our services. It provides all staff and partner agencies with a value base, language, behaviours’ and tools to strengthen relationships with young people, their families, the community and each other.

Restorative Practices are widely established and accepted nationally and internationally as a highly effective way of achieving better outcomes for children, young people, their families and the wider  community.

Restorative approach focuses on empowering our young people to find solutions to their problems and recognises them as experts of their own lives.

The use of restorative practices helps to:


  • reduce crime, violence and bullying
  • improve human behaviour
  • strengthen civil society
  • provide effective leadership
  • restore relationships
  • repair harm

Benefits of a restorative approach


  • Everyone has their voice heard
  • It encourages the development of empathy
  • There is no power dynamic
  • Everyone can contribute to an agreement to move forward
  • There is a safe space to explore harm, thoughts, feelings and questions.
  • Accountability is promoted. There must be a level of accountability for a restorative process to progress.
  • Participants are empowered.
  • The process is led by the needs of participants.
  • Builds community.

Restorative practices are used for a range of meetings, both formal and informal. These are held in circles, rather than around tables, to remove physical and psychological barriers between people.

Meetings may be facilitated by skilled staff to create an environment where those attending can share their thoughts and feelings in a way which is constructive. The focus of these meetings may be to build relationships, solve specific problems or repair harm where there has been conflict.

A number of services now use restorative practices to structure their day and shape how staff and customers communicate with each other. If you wish to discuss how you could implement Restorative Practice into your business then contact us now

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We combine Behaviour Science such as NLP, Mental Skill Training and DISC Profiling with Strength Based, Trauma Informed and other therapeutic approaches to create a set of experiences, tool and methods affect attitudes thinking and

UpskillU work with directly with vulnerable people, communities as well as with the organisations supporting them.

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